Online Ordering & Inventory Management System

This project was executed for a leading Drape manufacturing company called J Y Fabrics. Currently the orders was taken manually from their nationwide retail network of over 450 retailers. Phones and mobiles keeps buzzing thru the day and the sales executives takes the order on a piece of paper and pass it on to the inventory department for further processing. At one point many order where missed out causing losses.

The Ask

Senseware was asked to fully automate the order taking besides real time inventory check and further processing it for dispatch and billing. As the end consumers where less computer literate the user interface and UX had to be extremely user friendly and dispensing production information & inventory level.

The Answer

We took this challenge head on and architected a UX which was extremely simple to use and ensured complex back-end was totally simplified for both user and the admin. The complete cloud based solution was developed on Microsoft Dot Net platform and was hosted on our cloud servers for optimal speed and performance.

The Result

A fully automated ordering system was in place and all the retailers had product spec, product picture and the inventory thrown on the dashboard. Ordering was simplified to one touch and the complete business process on the back end was streamlined. This saved on the over all cost, customer satisfaction was achieved and the bottom line increased.

We thank the efforts taken by Senseware in completing this project. We had many roadblocks but at the end the product was tested and now many retailers have accepted to adopt this system. Senseware has a team of dedicated developers and i definitely recommend them. All the best

Yash Dave


J Y Fabrics