Objective of
Make In India

The motive behind this campaign is to alleviate the working conditions of the Karigars.
Skill development is the focus of the Maharashtra government. Devendra Fadnavis is keen on taking a major step by joining the national programme of 'Make in India' and Maharashtra government's initiative of ‘Make in Maharashtra’.
To make Maharashtra an export hub for Jewellery and the Nation’s capital for Jewellery Design, our Chief Minister assures to provide the needed help to boost exports.
An area measuring 500 acres has been made available for this project.

About IBJA

Since its Inception in 1948, India Bullion and Jewellers Association over the last 65 years has proved to be an unbiased platform and is an apex association for all bullion and jewellery associations in India.The Gems and Jewellery industry is the second largest foreign exchange earner. IBJA was established as a result of the prevailing circumstances in the market that warranted an association with multi-faceted approach to the problems and challenges faced by the bullion traders in a newly liberated India.

PLAN Formulated

IBJA “Make in India” was a project of immense weight thus needed special attention and a proper plan to make it a success. IBJA appointed Senseware as an agency for the launch of its campaign to ensure that the move from old to new environment was as smooth as possible. We at Senseware implemented the proposed plan and worked on making a Logo for the campaign, as at this stage, recognition was of utmost significance. Promotion was our Priority.

Creative services offered

By giving it a face, now, people could understand the nature of the campaign. A new logo proved to be a new ray of hope to the Karigars and would soon be able to see a dawn, which would ease up their working conditions.
We did not stop here, as there was lots more to launch the campaign. It’s said that visual knowledge is easy to retain hence long lasting. IBJA deputed Senseware to create a visual presentation which will encompass and manifest the vision of Shri Mohit Kamboj, President of IBJA.
The prolific team of Senseware created videos for showcasing them to the invitees and journalists in the campaign launch. The video also highlighted the current plight of Karigars and the future of IBJA smart city.The event was launched at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai.

audio/video presentation




IBJA was taking a major step by joining the national programme “ Make in India.” Senseware feels proud to have been considered eligible to contribute in this national programme.

For better results, it's important to implement what is formulated. The plan was rightly Implemented which helped garner national recognition. The enormous efforts taken by Senseware were paid off. The creatives built in the form of videos, banners, etc encountered wide public acknowledgement. A number of newspaper articles were published which enjoyed considerable appreciation.

Yes, the day had arrived when the campaign was ready for it’s next step, it was ready for it’s launch. Due to the sheer magnitude and significance of the campaign, the honor of launching the event was handed over to the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai.

The competent team of Senseware designed an impeccable strategy & made the campaign ready for its launch, ensuring it received huge recognition. A project as vast as this, gained respect for their initiative. Having such magnitude, the project was something out of the ordinary & Senseware Team takes pride in the successful launch of this promotional project.