PharmEDGE is an international research consulting firm.

PharmEDGE is an international research consulting firm that specializes in developing simplified value communication for the life sciences industry to maximize access to medicines, medical devices and technologies.


May, 2015

The Ask

The quality of content makes little difference to a website when users find it difficult to access it. We were faced with creating a user friendly website with an intriguing design. Our main priority was giving users easy, unadulterated access to PharmEDGE’s exceptional content.

Services Offered


The Answer

After a well collaborated effort with PharmEDGE and four different layouts we were able to create a compelling design for the website. We pulled out all of the stops to create a user friendly website that would give visitors access to any desired content within a click or two. What persisted was the need to create a system to help PharmEDGE manage their exemplary content, a working Content Management System (CMS).

The Result

PharmEDGE emerged as one of our most responsive website. The sudden progress in their new responsive website managed to exceed all expectations. Today all PhramEDGE’s visitors receive quick and accurate results without having to browse through the entire site or contact customer support.