VED LIVING is a complete health and wellness organization that enables people to take control of their health and wellness by guiding them on the Ayurvedic journey to wellbeing.

What would be more better than having your own personalized health tutor at home? Bearing this in mind, Ved living wished to touch and transform the lives of many in a much simple and relaxed manner. Ved living provides online user-friendly tools and guidance to make reasonable and sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Their lifestyle plans are customized to every unique body type, current health, and habits and routines. These plans contain suggestions for nutrition, lifestyle habits, and an improved quality of life. They conduct workshops to educate people on an Ayurvedic approach to wellness and to have a better understanding of their own body and mind.

Ved Living

July, 2015

The Ask

Ved living is a US based organisation and were engaged with US developers. Ved living provides online guidance to its customers and as it possesses a website which is not content rich and mobile friendly, makes it vile for its valued customers. Before approaching Senseware, Ved living faced enormous hardships and wished to overcome these challenges. One of them was “ruby on rails”. Since they were already working with ruby on rails, Ved living wished to continue on the same lines. Basically, they were looking for a company which would be: Quite economical, Acquainted with “ruby on rails” and High on service quotient.

So,Ved living group felt the need for a responsive website and on knowing that a company like Senseware has a prodigious history in the creation of an ayurvedic website, intrigued Ved living to approach us.

Services Offered

The Answer

Senseware team formulated a game plan to build a website which would embrace all the required and significant aspects for Ved living website and designed it systematically.Our prime motto was to segregate the profuse and diverse content in a much sorted manner which would be mobile and customer friendly. Outer beauty pleases the EYE, Inner beauty captivates the HEART. To look beautiful externally, you need to be healthy from within. Thus, it is very necessary to make the backend highly efficient and sorted to turn the front view of website into a Big Hit. Depending on the plans of the Backend,Senseware team was highly proficient at contriving the logic for the backend.

The Result

Senseware team turned:Challenges into Opportunities, Worries into Contentment & , Weakness into Strength.
A Dynamic version of personalized aid at home was created and designed by Senseware. The website was rich in content plus one which could be easily viewed and accessed. Ved living experienced an amicable atmosphere while working with Senseware and efficient service at affordable cost. Achieving what they wanted, led Ved living group to flourish & progress ahead. Yet another success for Senseware team as the Group was satiated and website received an overwhelming response.