With the aid of WILLJINI you can write your Will in 3 easy steps without even picking up a pen.

If great websites are formed out of great ideas, then Willjini truly was a masterstroke! What better way to create your will than to simply register on a website, fill-in your details, take a print out and sign it. No emails, no calls, no visits from outsiders - nothing. With a site that lets you to complete your will in under an hour; Willjini had the most unique concept for its customers.

WillJini Succession Services Pvt. Ltd.

November, 2014

The Ask

A great idea can be easily derailed by an inappropriate digital marketing plan. And that’s exactly what happened with Willjini. It had a phenomenon concept, but was showcased through a stagnant website and minimal online presence. This is where we stepped in. They were expecting “just” a digital marketing campaign inorder to be ahead of their competitors, but what we’ve put them through – has acquired inexplicable results which make us proud!

The Answer

We revamped Willjini’s online presence and how!!! From conceptualizing and re-designing their logo to creating a digitally enhanced responsive website upgraded with automated processes – Willjini garnered the limelight it truly deserved. A lot of planning was required at every stage, to ensure we were not over-doing any bit. We kept the interface fairly simple, but ensured we had a content-rich website in hand. When you’re talking about creating a “WILL” online, the customer better have answers to his queries before he even comes up with a doubt. Creating an entirely automated will generation process (from funeral arrangements to allocating assets amongst family) was a daunting task, but we are proud to have achieved that milestone. With an online chat box connecting you directly to customer service (Will Advisor), Willjini is one of our most successful responsive websites.

The Result

Out of thousands of responsive websites that we create day in & day out, Willjini has been the most successful journeys so far! We have exceeded their expectations by leaps & bounds. Their masterstroke idea needed a masterstroke digital plan, and that’s exactly what they got! They are now catering to the perfect target audience, in the most appropriate manner, and their business has seen a stupendous growth in very little time.

Willjini Logo Genesis

Jatin Popat

Founder and CEO

WillJini Succession Services Pvt. Ltd.