Responsive Website

Creating a website is a powerful communication tool. Today 70% of the Business leads are generated from online search. A website is a unique way to communicate with the world.

Inbound Strategy for Website

Research about the website and Competitors.
Strategy about the Competitors
Website Concept

Sitemap and Wireframe

Basis of the strategy sitemap has been created.
Website layout and Home Page Elements.

Content for the Website

Creating appropriate and engaging content for your potential customers in order to generate maximum inbound leads.

UI and Design of Home Page

Website Architecture.
Website Design.

Development of Home page

Development of Home Page after Approval.
Adding effects.
Uploading content of Home Page.
Responsive Bugs fixings.

Internal Page Development

Creating Internal pages.
Uploading content on the pages.
Responsive Bugs fixings.

CMS creation

Back-End will be created through which you can upload the content.
Mapping with Front-End(HTML pages).
Testing and Bugs Fixing.

Testing & Bugs Fixings

Entire website check.
Responsive Website Tool Check.
Fixing bugs and Errors.

Website Made Live

After Testing website Made Live.
Website Ready for the Digital Marketing.